Beautiful is Just A Listen Away

Don't perceive yourself as less of a person because of your insecurities. No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful. You are worth it. You do make a difference in someone's life. Even on those days when you feel lost and hopeless, just remember that there is at least one person out there that will realize something is up. You are a part of someone's life. Don't be quick to let that go.
~ Monday, March 26 ~

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like George and YDS are the Careers of the Dalton Games

I mean, look at them.

They’re competing for top spot already, and the Games haven’t even started yet.

Just sayin’

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    Joey’s taking troll lessons from Mama with that smiley. *throws rock salt*
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    I love this very much and I can’t wait to crush them under my boots. :)
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